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cathedral windows

cathedral windows

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One of the most coveted antique pieces, but nearly impossible to find. When you can’t find the real deal, you have to DIY! 

Windows are constructed from thin wood or MDF; two layers are joined together. Choose between unfinished MDF or unfinished wood. MDF is great for painting but cannot be stained. Choose wood if you plan to use stain. You will receive your cutouts unattached which you can glue together either before or after painting/finishing. Paint, glue and other supplies not included. Feel free to reach out to us for painting tips!

As a handmade product, please note that the piece you receive will not be the identical frame pictured. Each piece of wood is different and your frame will have its own unique character, knots, chips, small cracks, marks, etc. that make it one of a kind. Cutouts will have black edges from the laser cutting process which can leave black smudges on fingers or surfaces but are easily covered with paint or sanded off. You may wish to seal your edges with sealer or ModPodge prior to painting to reduce the amount of painting needed to cover edges.

Windows are made to order; please remember to allow 1-2 weeks turnaround time prior to pickup or shipping.

Arched window: 23” tall by 17” wide

Split window: 23” tall by 17” wide (when placed side by side)

Half moon window: 11.5” tall by 17” wide

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