meet the curators

Meet Dallas & Lisa: The Curators.
The two met in 2019 at a local event where Lisa was showcasing her creations as a vendor and Dallas was cooking. They got chatting and soon were so wrapped up in conversation that, if memory serves correctly, Dallas declared "We should be friends, right?" It was official.
With a shared love for DIY projects, thrifting, decor, antiques and small town life, they quickly bonded. It didn't hurt that the pair both have a strong liking for coffee, good food, wine and sarcasm.
Plans to work together quickly followed and have included hosting workshops & markets, as well as many exciting plans for the future. The Curators believe in dreaming big while celebrating where you are now, and appreciating the simple things in life and the abundance of great things happening in the community where you live.
Thank you for sharing in the journey, whether as an in-person participant, a likeminded collaborator or an online friend. Let's be friends! Must like pretty things and living well.