Lovely Winnie was passed on to clients of mine who are furnishing a new cottage property. I could tell right away that this piece had been well cared for. In addition to being in immaculate condition, you could see at first glance it's a truly quality piece of furniture. They don't make them like this anymore!


The mission was straightforward since this one didn't involve and serious repair work (hooray!). We picked Putty from Fusion paint as well as timeless black cup pull hardware, as well as botanical drawer liner with a heavy hit of black in it. I like to pick out the paint, hardware and liner all together so my clients can see my vision before we start and all the right choices are lined up.

The only minor problem I encountered was this pretty beaded trim detail across the bottom. I love details like this, but up close it was damaged and chunks were missing. I was torn between painting it as-is or removing the trim.

Personally I LOVE damage and imperfections because they are part of the piece's history and can add to the vintage aesthetic. In this case, because the rest of the plan was so classic and refined we decided to remove it entirely. It came off easily leaving behind some glue residue which came off with a little sanding.

I didn't take many process photos but the process was straightforward with no unexpected problems (double hooray!).

  • Clean with TSP
  • Sand all over with 220 grit
  • Vaccuum outside and inside to get rid of dust; clean again with TSP
  • Two coats of primer (I tint mine with a tiny amount of paint)
  • Fill in cracks and gaps that old pieces have that you can't notice on dark wood. Once the first coat of primer is on, the gaps are revealed and it's easier to fill them in and sand off the filler before proceeding with the second coat of primer.
  • Three coats of paint (sand in between coats; it's worth it!)
  • Seal with wax and buff off excess
  • Add new hardware
  • Line drawers

It's a lot of steps, but it's worth it for a buttery smooth finish and durability you know will last. My last step on this one, by the client's request, was to add "her" name on the back. I stamped it on with a dab of white paint right next to the original tag on the's a Canadian-made piece which also speaks to its quality and history!

And here she is, restored and ready for her next chapter in a beautiful lakehouse with a wondeful family. It feels soft with cottagecore vibes and a timeless look. Take care little Winnie...have fun at the cottage!


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