the name game

the name game

Choosing a name is hard isn’t it? With my son, I had the name in my mind before we had even decided to try for a baby. It wasn’t locked in, just one that I always liked.

Yet...I still had to think, rethink and overthink, consult every list, make a short list, cross names off and then re-add them. Was there really any doubt I would choose that name in the end? Probably not. But it was fun.

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If you know any teachers, you’ve probably heard how that adds an obstacle to the naming process because there is a long list of names that makes you say “No, definitely not THAT one.” I taught preschool for 10 years and there were definitely some names that were not open for consideration. Plus factoring in various people you’ve met over time who you didn’t exactly love, names friends have already used, and the flow of the first and last name. We loved Jack Kinsman but it just doesn’t work...say it out loud, it’s awkward.

It's a lot of pressure to pick a name that your child will ultimately have for their entire life. Do you pick something timeless or something fun and unique? Kids can be ruthless so if you're paranoid like me you're also scanning your mind for ways the name could cause teasing (although the mean kids seem to find a way no matter what). 

This time around everything feels different as we prepare for #2. But I’m repeating the exact same process over again, going through every conceivable option even though there’s been one name in my mind for a long time.

My husband will most likely repeat his pattern of being agreeable and then changing his mind and introducing a brand new option in the car on the way to the hospital. I’m exaggerating, but only by a tiny bit. After 9 months of saying “Sure!” to every name I suggested he suddenly declared a new name for consideration when I was multiple days overdue (and super grumpy and not looking to shake things up).

My son’s birth was long and complicated (more on that another time) but it became a joke with the midwives and nurses as we raced against the clock to agree on a name. Whether or not he was going to be delivered via C-section was an ever-evolving situation (in the end, not) and finally I announced that if I delivered vaginally he would have my pick as first name, and if it was a c-section it would be my husband’s first pick. Everyone laughed and it was like our birth version of a coin toss and added some extra anticipation to the big moment. It was a close one, but he ended up as Henry (mama’s pick). 

We’ll see if our little boy ends up with the name I’ve had in mind since the start, or maybe the circumstances of his birth will inspire something new. One thing is for sure; I know I’ll be debating and rethinking up until the last second!


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