the curators

the curators

Sometimes someone comes into your life and it really feels like your paths were destined to cross.

Dallas and I met at an event in 2019 where she was catering and I was a market vendor. We got to chatting and realized we had tons in common. “How do we not know each other?” she said incredulously. “I know!” I said. I was lying, I knew exactly who she was because I was already obsessed with her cows from Instagram. “We should be friends,” she said, ever the extrovert. Looking back, it reminds me of the way young children make friends on the schoolyard. “Want to be my friend?” “Okay!” It’s rarely that simple as an adult but for us, it kind of was.

Since then, we’ve partnered on multiple projects and become great friends along the way. We share a passion for making, creating and gathering good people, but we also feel strongly about local small businesses working together and helping each other succeed.

The Curators, as we call ourselves professionally, just wrapped our 2021 holiday sale and before the bags are even packed we’re already planning the spring sale. We have so many ideas for the future, both smaller, do-able plans for the short term or big, huge concepts for one day. 

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