let's romanticize spring

let's romanticize spring

One thing that makes me laugh about Canadians, including myself, is we spend all winter wishing for spring and then when it arrives we complain about it.

”Ugh, why is it so cold. The ground it so muddy. There was still frost this morning. When will it get hot??”

(And then when it does get hot, what do we do? Complain a little more about something new.)

I think we miss spring sometimes. Fall is so obvious with the bright colours and the falling leaves, but spring shows itself in a bit more subtle way. If you miss it, suddenly it’s 40 degrees and you’ve got sunscreen in your eyes.

romanticize your spring 

If we make an effort to romanticize the every day, it helps to savour the season and even make the crappy weather days feel special. It takes some effort, but small actions can make spring feel like something magical rather than just the muddy season before summer hits.

Here are a few simple ideas that can help you slow down and savour the change of weather and spring’s short but sweet season.

buy yourself flowers

ideally from a local flower farmer or the farmer’s market, but grocery store tulips are always a mood boost in a pretty vase on the counter.

make coffee or tea and watch the rain

It’s raining (AGAIN) but make the best of it. Make yourself your got beverage of choice and find a spot where you can see or listen to the rain. No devices, just put some music on and enjoy the rain for a few moments. Pretend you can see the grass getting greener as you watch. 

light a spring candle

I always enjoy a new candle to mark a new season, especially if it’s a yuck day and you need a boost. Buy one from a local maker that smells like spring, or grab one of my candle kits and pour your own.

bring some spring branches inside 

If you’re lucky and have some spring blossoms growing in your yard, clip a few and bring them inside to put in a vase. Even if they only last for a day they can really energize your space.

clean your closet

Take absolutely everything out. Put away the heavy sweaters and winter items we can safely say goodbye to. Create yourself a simplified capsule wardrobe of spring pieces that will transition nicely into summer. Give everything a wash before hanging to they smell and feel fresh.

get outside

I’m a big believer in “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” If it’s a beautiful day, fit in even a 5 minute walk and enjoy the sun on your face after a long winter. If it’s crappy out, just dress properly and make yourself a tea when you get back inside.

seasonal snacks

Find out what’s in season or stop by the farmer’s market as they come back into action. Add something that feels springy to your dinner or afternoon snack, whether it’s an ambitious new recipe or just enjoyed straight up on the side. 

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