our best campfire recipes

our best campfire recipes

In the dreary winter months we started dreaming of campfires and outdoor cooking. This roundup of recipes are barely even recipes; just simple ideas and combinations for a quick and fun campfire treat. 

the spider dog

This certainly doesn’t quality as an actual recipe, just a kid-approved campfire trick. Simply make two cuts in each end of a regular hot dog without cutting through to the middle. Roast on a stick and watch the legs curl back like a spider.

the croissant s'more 

Upgrade your basic s'more with the addition of fresh croissants in place of graham crackers. Make a cut into each croissant and place a few pieces of your favourite chocolate inside. Add two toasted marshmallows for gooey goodness.

the caprese brie

We used this yummy recipe from Delish. I forgot my balsamic drizzle at home so I went to the trouble of making a balsamic reduction...and then forgot to use it. Learn from my tragic mistake.

the oreo peanut butter cup s’more 

We learned this one from the geniuses at Little Thief Bakery. Simply swap your graham crackers for Oreo cookies and your chocolate for a peanut butter cup. Yummy!

the campfire berry peach cobbler

This one was an improvised recipe that I’m happy to report turned out great. I filled a foil pan with sliced peaches on one side and blueberries on the other (which didn’t matter in the end; the blueberries took over the whole pan!). I added 1 tablespoon of white sugar on top and added some cubed butter. We had a sugar cookie mix on hand so I prepared it according to the package directions and crumbled it all over the top. Double wrap the top with foil and cook on a grill over the campfire. We uncovered ours halfway through to let some of the liquid cook off for a total of 45 minutes cook time. Serve with vanilla ice cream!

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