cozy fall reads

cozy fall reads

Lately, now that my boys are 6 and 2 I can sometimes find the tiniest slice of free time for getting some reading done. Sometimes only a few pages, but it feels nice.

For the last few years (6 years really) almost all of my reading has been audiobooks I can listen to while I'm working. Some would argue this isn't "real" reading but I say it counts. Still, it can't compete with the real deal of holding a proper book in your hands.

6 titles may be ambitious for fall when I'm usually chipping away a few pages at a time, but here is a roundup of the titles on my list I'll be trying to fit in next.

anatomy: a love story (dana schwartz)

Edinburgh, 1817. Missing corpses, strange men lurking around cemeteries at night, buried secrets in unmarked graves; not really the setting you'd expect for a love story. Gothic horror meets romance...I'm curious to see where this one goes.

 our hideous progeny (c.e. mcgill)

Victor Frankenstein's niece tries to follow in her missing uncle's footsteps in 1853 London. I've been advised to learn as little as possible about this one before reading because you don't want to spoil any of the creepy twists and turns.


weyward (emilia hart)

Three interwoven stories taking place in 2019, 1619 and 1942; all centred around the bewitching secrets hidden inside Weyward Cottage.

the night circus (erin morgenstern)

The circus unexpectedly arrives in town, and it is only open at night. A love story and mysterious happenings are nestled inside the colorful and magical setting.


good inside (dr. becky kennedy)

I'll admit an Instagram sponsored post got me here. The clip of the author talking caught my attention because the personality type she was describing could have been an exact description of one of my boys. I struggle with nonfiction and rarely finish without major skimming, but something about this one felt like a parenting read I need in my arsenal.

pieces of her (karin slaughter)

This is my book club's pick for October so I've already started a I can't put this one down! I don't why the plot has gripped me so strongly but I do think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm reading a physical book and not an audiobook as I so often do. I can't wait to see where it goes, and it's always fun to finish watching something that has a movie version to check out when you're done (but the movie never quite lives up to a great book, does it?).

The days are getting shorter whether we like it or not, so take advantage of the cozy vibe and grab a blanket and something fun to read.

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