no-shop fall decorating

no-shop fall decorating


Lately I've been finding that since Instagram decided to start force-feeding us influencer content (in my feed anyway) it’s starting to become normalized to do things like buy 200 matching white plastic pumpkins for your porch in fall and then something else new next year.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience buying excessive stuff just leads to overwhelm and a sense of being underwhelmed by the result. The quick dopamine hit from shopping is long over by the time you need to pack up and store your new items. Unless you have a staff who organizes and maintains your holiday decor storage facility; I personally do not.

Here are my favourite ways to keep it simple. All the satisfaction of something new without the oppressive feeling of accumulating STUFF…

swap your branches and blooms

Switch out the filler inside your vases and vessels for something seasonal. Bonus points if the vessels are vintage or thrifted, and double bonus points if you gather the filler yourself from nature.

freshen up your frames

use frames that open in the back so you can simply switch out the print inside. Bonus points for upcycling thrifted frames.

do it yourself

DIY a project or two at the start of the season for a creativity fix and some fresh decor. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Bonus points if you can reuse primarily items you already have without buying a ton of stuff from a craft store!

It feels good to switch it up once in awhile, especially as the seasons change and as holidays approach. Just a reminder that you can do it in a simple, satisfying way that doesn’t end with a full basement and an empty bank account.

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