creating a halloween tablescape

creating a halloween tablescape

Halloween has to be the most "love it or hate it" holiday of them all. Myself, I love it. I get why some think it's so silly but for me that's the whole point. It's silly, and juvenile, and goofy just for the sake of being goofy. I can get behind a day dedicated to make believe and imaginary creations of all kinds.

This year, I decided to dress up my dining table in spooky attire (and yes, I have every intention of actually keeping it like this for regular meals...we'll see how that pans out). I prefer a haunted house vibe as opposed to more cutesy Halloween decor. As a kid I was a big fan of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride and that's totally my vibe still.


 Tips For Creating a Haunted Dining Table

1. Start with what you already have

Most of us have too much stuff, right? Start by shopping your own house. In my case, I already had my collection of vintage amber glass, Christmas charger plates, and I rounded up a few different types of candles.

2. Mix in some natural materials

Who's that weird lady on the side of the road collecting branches? It's me. I was going to paint them black but decided to save time and paint by leaving them au natural.

3. Add a few new items every Halloween

Once you've made effective use of what you already have and found outside, add in a few new elements each year. You can go crazy shopping but I like to start with a simple setup and then just add a few spooky accents. This year I added the skeleton dishes and the dollar store crows (which are so eerie in person! Just perch them in the branches and let them creep our your family/guests).

Now I'm feeling inspired to host a Halloween dinner party since my table is fit for a haunted house! Now that would be a fun menu to plan...eyeball meatballs and bat wings anyone?

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